Yin & Yang

Beautiful and sensual:

Breathe Soul

Ultra-grippy and uncomprimising:

Queen Sirsasana

Maty Arkadiusz Mazurkiewicz

“Spirituality of the body”

Our bodies are temples of the divine in which the spiritual and physical aspects constantly intertwine.

Yoga and meditation are the ideal path for their development. They allow you to get to know, understand, surround your body with love and care, and experience the connection with the Source.

The desire to deepen spiritual experiences through communing with art during everyday practice became an inspiration for me to create a collection of unique yoga mats. One of the paintings from the series "Spirituality of the body" was recreated on a pleasant to the touch, high-quality microfiber, which I painted on canvas using acrylic paints and gold dust. It shows a naked female figure in a subtle, sensitive way - a symbol of longing for the delicacy, tenderness, intimacy and openness with which we come into the world. The golden stream, on the other hand, represents a relationship with what is divine in ourselves - love, truth, acceptance, freedom, creativity, which lead us to a higher consciousness.

Breathe Soul mat - combines unique design, comfort and functionality. It allows you to enjoy all the benefits of yoga and meditation as well as contact with art.

The thickness of the mat ensures stability and comfort and cushions the joints during the asanas. Nice to the touch microfiber provides pleasant experiences during meditation, and when practicing yoga, it increases its grip with the intensity of exercise and increasing body temperature. The unique design will satisfy the need for communing with beauty.
Technical data:

dimensions: 181 × 61 cm

thickness: about 4 mm

weight: about 2.5 kg

material: microfiber covered with an additional anti-slip coating, natural rubber

the grip of the mat increases with the intensity of practice due to heat and sweat

Price: 459 PLN
Maty Arkadiusz Mazurkiewicz

“Yin & Yang”

“When you realize that opposites are part of one larger process, you will understand that neither pole can win. A wave with only crests and no valleys would not be a wave ... "

”... and although the rhythm of the beating of the waves determines the time, it is not the time of a clock or a calendar, there is nothing urgent about it. It's time without time. A rhythm that has been sounding for millions of years. Taken out of the world of tirelessly chiming clocks. He's not counting our days, he's not the pulse of a drip that keeps checking how much he has left. It is the breath of eternity. Everything dissolves in the waves, endlessly and forever. "

The white mat Breathe - Soul, which I call Beautiful, is joined by the black and uncompromising Beast. Are you ready to raise your heart above your head?
Here it is: the queen of asanas - Sirsasana.
The Queen Sirsasana mat combines unique design, comfort and functionality. It allows you to enjoy all the benefits of yoga and meditation as well as contact with art.

It provides uncompromising anti-slip properties that are equally important for beginners who are looking for their first mat, as well as very advanced ones for whom grip is the basic criterion when buying a mat.

Queen Sirsasana is ideal for both gentle gentle practices, Iyengar yoga, and dynamic Vinyasa or Ashtanga sessions.
Technical data:

dimensions: 183 × 68 cm

thickness: approx. 4 mm. The thickness of the mat ensures stability and comfort as well as cushioning the joints during asanas

weight: about 3.0 kg

material: natural rubber underside, top layer - ultra-adhesive PU.

Price: 459 pln

* limited quantity and limited time availability

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