"Body Spirituality"

Is our body not a temple of divinity? The temple that waits for a caring touch of our mindfulness? "Body spirituality" is a series of paintings depicting a deep inner journey. A journey into the world of meditation, contemplation and prayer which helps the artist to connect with his body - to understand, accept and love it again. His works create a bridge between what's visible and invisible, between the physical and spiritual. The combination of these two poles is for the painter the quintessence of his artistic and personal development. Painting female figures is a form of revealing his awakening sensitivity, his longing for tenderness and genuinity. Nudity - a symbol of openness, intimacy and sincerity - our natural state in which we are born like the innocent children of the universe. It is also a symbol of spiritual and moral beauty, of pure presence that allows us to live in unity with the divine. The golden halos - represent this divinity, truth, love, a ubiquitous source of creativity and inspiration. The "Body Spirituality" is a calling to open to the divine higher consciousness which like a small seed sown in each of us, awaits its flourishment.